A message to our Brazilian users, in response to Terra.com.br article located at


November, 5, 2011 update : it has been over a month, and we have not heard from Safernet yet.

We have been in touch with many other people though, and created a new area for a better management of content. We started to setup direct cooperation with non-US law-enforcement agencies. We gave access to the new area to these brazilian agencies:

  • Policia Civil Do Distrito Federal (pcdf.df.gov.br)
  • Portal da Polícia Federal (dpf.gov.br)
  • Precint Crime Suppression of IT (pc.rs.gov.br)

They have direct access to user information who uploaded possible underage content with a brazilian IP.

It should be noted that we also heard from the journalist from Jornal Do Brasil who wrote the article we mention below, and he forwarded us to someone at the Ministério Público Federal. We are expecting to hear from them soon.

If you read this and were thinking of uploading underage content to xvideos, you should think twice, because you will probably get in trouble. We clearly don't want it.

We are being accused of not caring about underage persons appearing in sexual acts on xvideos.com.

Underage content is a threat for us. We don't want it, we don't encourage it, and it makes normal users run away from the site because they are concerned about it.

Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 7:50 PM we received this email:

Sent by : [journalist]

Message :
Hello, I a journalist from Terra Magazine ( Terra portal) . After Safernet(A Brazilian organization that works fighting crime against the human rights on the web ) has denounced Xvideos for being silent when it comes about the broadcasting of kids and teenagers porn content, I started writing some news based on the facts they presented to me. SaferNet has already requested you to remove 536 WebPages that contains illegal content. Only 203 went offline. They state that the illegal contents, when deleted from the web , for many times, end up returning in a different Xvideos link. 

After a simple search, using google, it was proved that it’s really easy to access porn videos involving under 18 year old people on xvideos. 

I would like to know what Xvideos has to say about this situation. Why do you keep showing illegal content? Have you tried to do anything to avoid this problem? 

Have you reported what is going on to the National Center for ! Missing & Exploited Children as said by the north American federal law? 

I’d like to thank you beforehand. I hope you get in touch before the news is released. 



We replied on Monday, Sep 26, 2011

Hello. We just checked and we only received this single short email from them [safernet]:

Sent by : safernet brasil
On 21/02/2011 at 13:40

Message :

As you can see it is everything but clear. And nowhere near the list of 500 you mention.

We have worked and continue to work with USA's FBI on pedophilia cases.

I am unsure what safernet.org.br is as I can't read portugese.

In any case we will contact them and see if we can coordinate something.


What we said there is that the only report we could find from Safernet was a very short email that contains no explanation whatsoever.

In the Terra.com.br article the journalist wrote this :

Ao ser questionado sobre os mais de 500 vídeos denunciados pela SaferNet, o xvideos.com respondeu, por e-mail, que recebeu um alerta da entidade referente a três vídeos apenas. A advertência da organização brasileira foi feita no dia 21 de fevereiro deste ano, de acordo com o site.

- Como você pode ver, está tudo limpo. Nem perto da lista com 500 que você menciona. Nós trabalhamos e continuamos a trabalhar com o FBI em casos de pedofilia. Não tenho certeza do que é safernet.org.br, pois não consigo ler em português. De qualquer forma, entre em contato com eles e veja se a gente pode coordenar algo - sugere o provedor norte-americano.

Google translation gives this:

When asked about the more than 500 videos SaferNet reported bythe xvideos.com said by e-mail, he received a warning regarding the entity's only three videos. The warning of the Brazilian organization was made on February 21 this year, according to the site.

- As you can see, everything is clean. Not even close the list with 500you mention. We work and we continue to work with the FBI in cases of pedophilia. Not sure what is safernet.org.br because I can not readPortuguese. Anyway, contact them and see if we can coordinate something - suggests the U.S. provider.

There is a huge translation mistake here. We never said that everything is clear/clean, we said that Safernet's message was not clear.

It is very important to understand that we receive 1000's of emails and that messages that are not well documented cannot be taken seriously.
We just can't guess who is writing and what is the reason. You have to understand that there are many false reports that are done too, such as famous pornstars being reported as underage.

So, naturally we immediately contacted Safernet to inquire about their list of 500 URL:

Mon, Sep 26, 2011 we received this automated response :

Olá ...@xvideos.com,

Obrigado(a) por entrar em contato com a SaferNet Brasil!

Sua mensagem será respondida o mais breve possível.

Lembramos que a SaferNet Brasil recebe, analisa e encaminha apenas denúncias de crimes contra os Direitos Humanos cometidos por meio da Internet. Para denunciar, basta clicar no formulário online na página www.denunciar.org.br. Você não precisa se identificar e ainda recebe um número exclusivo para acompanhar o andamento da denúncia.

Se você foi vítima ou precisa de orientação sobre:

Calúnia, difamação ou ameaça

Roubo de dados e senhas

Intimação / e-mails de cobrança

Problemas com compras online

Visite nosso canal de orientação em: https://www.safernet.org.br/site/prevencao/orientacao

Aproveite também para navegar pelo nosso Portal (www.safernet.org.br) e conferir as notícias, dicas, cartilha, indicadores... e muito mais informações sobre Direitos Humanos na Internet.

Você conhece nosso twitter? Saiba mais sobre nossos trabalhos, projetos e siga-nos!  www.twitter.com/Safernet

A construção de uma Internet mais segura e ética precisa de você!

Equipe SaferNet Brasil

It is now Monday, October 3rd, 8 days later, and we haven't heard from them yet.


In any case, we asked ourselves, where did these reports go?

We think that they may have been done by selecting NEVERMIND as the reason in the report feature in the players. It is there to filter out users who can't read enligsh as otherwise we would receive an enormous spam of irrelevant messages.

The reasoning and very bad image given of XVIDEOS in the TERRA article is entirely based on thinking that we don't care about reports, but we simply can't deal with reports that are not properly done, or not done at all.




The Jornal Do Brasil wrote a similar article earlier this year :


The situation is very similar. In response to it. We sent the following email to JB and our police contacts. We have dealt many times with brazilian authorities on various cases that were investigated, therefore we have a number of email contacts with the Brazilian police:

from Xvideos ...@xvideos.com
to legal@jb.com.br,
cc [ma]@dpf.gov.br,
date Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 1:02 PM
subject minors on xvideos (cc'd to police officers)
Dear Jornal Do Brasil, in recent 2 articles, such as this one :


you claim that you are aware of certain underage videos. You haven't reported this to us, to this date, so we have no way to know what videos you are talking about. (there are over 2000 videos uploaded every day).

We would like that you kindly report those videos to us so we can delete them, and work with the Brazilian authorities, as we have done before, to help them conduct a proper investigation.


Jornal Do Brasil never responded.

However one policeman answered this:

Ok. If necessary, we will contact the newspaper.

Thank you very for the information.

Best regards.

and this:

I sent an e-mail to the newspaper talking about your cooperation.

Best regards.

We replied :

Thanks a lot. Don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can help in your current or future investigations.

Best regards.

And we never heard about this story again...


Note that we have a number of brazilian police contacts because we have worked with them on many occasion, such as these :

from [ma]@dpf.gov.br
reply-to [ma]v@dpf.gov.br
to Xvideos DMCA <@xvideos.com>
date Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 5:25 AM
subject Re: XVideos.com content removal: DMCA

Thank you very much teh cooperation.

Best regards.

Brazilian Federal Police

Em Sab, Junho 5, 2010 7:43 pm, Xvideos DMCA escreveu:
> Hi,
> These images are not linked anywhere on the net.
> The video has been deleted and doesn't exist anymore.
> Let us know if you have further question.
> Regards
> On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 4:47 PM, <[ma]@dpf.gov.br> wrote:
>> *Sent by : [...]
>> On 04/06/2010 at 10:47*
>> Message :
>> We have received a new report about irregular URLs. In the list, there
>> are
>> URLs from your site.
>> We could not find the original video on the site XVID. However, we found
>> the reference in the following URL:
>> http://img100.xvideos.com/videos/thumbs.....jpg
>> Can you find the original video and delete it with that information?
>> Clearly the Flaviane's case:
>> Miss [F] came to the Brazilian Federal Police complaining about
>> videos that were found on Internet sites. These videos were probably
>> stolen from the computer when the computer was for maintenance. And Miss
>> [F] is under age.
>> Thus, we ask kindly delete the irregular URLs.
>> Thank you very much.
>> Best regards.
>> Brazilian Federal Police


Sent by : MF
On 02/09/2011 at 15:14

Message :
Good Afternoon,
> We are police authority of P, in Brazil, and we had a registration about
> a crime on your website, wich link is
> http://www.xvideos.com/video.... We need LOGs (IP, DATE AND HOUR) of the video and information about the uploader, to identify the criminous and arrest him.
> Thanks,
> FS
> Police Authority

Police Station - D.. - ...@gmail.com or ...@policiacivil.pa.gov.br
+tel number

Our reply was :


Please find below, the requested information:
Id Upload date (desc) Uploader Email Uploaded Id Uploader IP Video Name File MD5 Deleted Date
1 result



From: <b@mp.mg.gov.br>
Date: Fri, May 6, 2011 at 4:23 PM
Subject: XVideos.com contact form: Report
To: ...@xvideos.com


Sent by : B
On 06/05/2011 at 10:23

Message :
Good afternoon

I am police officer and operational coordinator prosecution service of Cybercrimes Combat.

I want to denounce this link for containing inappropriate material that publishes a woman's images with less than 18 years. She is a Brazilian citizen and we are investigating the case:

- http://www.xvideos.com/video...

I request the preservation of the log information and IP for a period of 180 days, and removal as soon as possible.

A copy of this message will also be sent to FBI - Crimes Against Children


[contact details]

Our reply was as usual:

The video has been deleted.
Please find the info about the uploader below:

Id Upload date (desc) Uploader Email Uploaded Id Uploader IP

1 result


There are many other emails like this. We have always been cooperating with the brazilian police services.

As xvideos.com has grown to a very popular international site we see the necesity to engage more directly and systematically in collaboration with localized (country level) organizations and law enforcement agencies, and not only with the FBI.

We hope this page makes everyone understand our position a little better, that it is clear that we do not want or promote underage content, and that we do cooperate with authorities.